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Orlando Beer Week: Wild Beers & Burger Night

January 25, 2023 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Sideward’s Wild Beer Project is a small passion project that started when the brewery opened in 2019. We have been actively fermenting, aging, and blending these beers over the past 4 years. Comprised of various wheat beer worts (unfermented beer), these beers were fermented by gathering yeast from different bottles of beer from around the world. Each bottle possessing a certain flavor profile unique to that region. These beers are a labor of love and something our brewers love to drink.
We will have a special bottle menu for this event. Each offering is bottle conditioned in green 750ml glass bottles. They will be available for purchase for on-site consumption only, beginning at noon January 25th.
Bottle Menu:
-Ex-boyfriends, Relatives & Neighbors – Saison – Earthy funk, bright, floral
-The Length of the Fuse is Never Known – Wild Wit – Funk, tart, citrusy, light bodied
-Fen & Forest – Saison aged on Florida & Georgia peaches
-Revolution for Happiness – Saison aged on tart cherries
Burger menu – available beginning at 4pm
All burgers served with beef tallow fries (unless otherwise specificed)
-Classic – two smash patties w/ american cheese & special sauce, topped w/ shredduce, tomato & onion
-Chili – Two smash patties w/american cheese topped with chili
-Chopped Cheese – Chopped seasoned ground beef and american cheese on a French roll w/ mayo, topped with shredduce, tomato & onion
-Beyond – Beyond burger and daiya American cheese slice, topped with special sauce, shredduce & tomato.